Sexual Healing is a process by which we are restored to God's original plan for physical and mental temples, so that our sexuality is expressed as a result of our wholeness and not a failed attempt to fix our brokenness.

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From the time of creation God had a plan for our bodies and how we would relate to others sexually.  Anytime that plan is altered by human intervention - through our hands or the at the hands of another person, we need healing and restoration

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Amazing Stories

One of the greatest things we can do as overcomers is to reach back and help others find hope through our stories. We pray that these stories will give you deeper understanding about our journeys and hope in yours.

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about nakisha Thomas

Nakisha Thomas has answered the call to bring healing to others as a ambassador of reconciliation in the body of Christ.  Impassioned by her own story of once being a prodigal, she is dedicated to seeing others - come home.

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Your Help is wanted!

New Creature Ministries has a mandate to spread the gospel throughout the world.  We can use your help to accomplish this goal.  Your gift of any size will help!

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When I started the sexual healing class I was so nervous and depressed. But now I see who I am in God and I KNOW who I am.  The help and support provided outside the classroom aided me in learning how to deal with real situations in the world–class particpant

My experience with this ministry has caused me to dive deeper into the areas of my life I previously ignored.  I was able to dig deep and get more knowledge.  I now have a desire to know more so that I can help others.–sue

Thank you for providing a class on sexual healing.  It really opened my eyes to so much about myself, my mother, and our spiritual similarities.  I also gained a new knowledge about spirits and deliverance.  I was able to identify underlying issues that I never addressed.– Member

You were able to take a uncomfortable topic and make it comfortable to discuss. Thanks!–Workshop participant